Storage medium of the 70's


We're gonna be putting a lot of stuff up here. We've got our own server, so there's space aplenty for MP3s & anything else we can think of.

Here's a selection made by Rich from taped rehearsals. Ignore any mix/production problems. Plenty of improv - there's some magic moments ;)

Help yourself:

[PLAY] Cocktails at 10 - Dont be late [4.7MB]
[PLAY] I hope your cock drops off [3.7MB]
[PLAY] Midnight Escape from Piz Gloria [4.3MB]
[PLAY] Shopping on Saturday [3.4MB]
[PLAY] The Glue [3.2MB]
[PLAY] Would you like to sleep with me? [4.2MB]
[PLAY] The Barrymoore Suite [9.7MB]
[PLAY] Come in my mouth and I'll suck out your soul [5.7MB]
[PLAY] Fly me to the moon [5MB]
[PLAY] Shimamoto aged 12 [4.3MB]
[PLAY] Shimamoto aged 35 [7.2MB]
[PLAY] Three Night Residency - Part 1 [3.8MB]