12.02.2008 - SITE UPDATED

I've done a load of tidying up, getting links working, etc. The site actually works now! Stopped linking to external tabs now. Next up: expand the GEORDIE & LINKS pages.

21.06.2006 - TABS UPDATED

Thanks to Anthony for all of his tabs from Jesters old KJ message board :)


This is basically a project to a) provide tablature arrangements of this important guitarists' work, b) provide a forum/resource for all things Geordie & c) to improve MY playing!!

All YOU need to do to contribute is mail me ( with whatever you have.

Anyone can contribute their tab ideas & I'll list multiple tabs for a song if available. I'm finding two or three different ways to play some tunes, so if I list them all, hopefully one of them will be correct!

I used to link to external sites that host some KJ tabs too - I've stopped this now, but you can find tabs easily by searching the web.

If anyone has any Geordie-related stuff, interviews etc, feel free to contribute - any details about Geordies gear, which tunings & guitars he's used - you get the picture. This man is seriously underrated & hence it's hard to find out stuff about his playing - let's make this a good resource for people who're interested!

As for the need for me to improve my playing somewhat, I've challenged myself to tab the 'Extremities' album. Even if I can only figure out a little bit of a song, I'll post it & will try to expand over time - as I said, you're welcome to contribute as you may be able to finish something I couldn't!!!