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+++ 14/11/2007 +++

We've had a few jams since the last update & despite no spare time, jams are GOOD! I'm currently at work getting the STRAY Recordings site updated & a load of master(bat)ing. Adding PayPal & all that sort of stuff. Will knock-up a SR Myspace page too, for no apparent reason.

+++ 19/01/2006 +++

First sesh back after xmas & fucking excellent it was too. The two new tunes are sounding better than ever & we have an idea or two for more. I've finally got the new headphones so we can start recording as soon as the studio's back up to scratch. Imagine the relief when we finally squeeze out an EP...

I've setup a MySpace page for us - www.myspace.com/productmusik

+++ 08/11/2005 +++

Rehearsal Tape is now available to download. Go on, help yourself...

+++ 23/10/2005 +++

The new tunes are so fucking good they give me the horn. Rehearsals continue.. and the mixing desk is fine - just waiting for new headphones to turn up...

+++ 21/09/2005 +++

Right now, I have the mixing desk in bits getting it ready to record the set. Hoping I haven't got to buy a new one.. We also have some new tunes on the go, which is just how I like it - I'll get some mp3's up as soon as they're good enough. Must get back to the desk. Must get back to the desk...

+++ 30/08/2005 +++

Well, what can I say - fucking excellent first gig! The whole night was great & I thank Kelly again for giving us a go. We got the gig videoed, so I'm hoping to get some stills off that & maybe some clips. Sound isn't great, but it was LOUD! Sadly, I was a twat & forgot to put our free CD's out, but they'll be at the next gig. I'll also make the mp3's available tomorrow.

Plans now are to get the set recorded properly & get that out as an EP. After that we've got an albums worth of songs to record, so no doubt we're gonna be busy...

+++ 31/07/2005 +++

Another excellent run through the set tonight! There'll be none for a while now as Mark is moving house soon, so it was as pleasant as ever to give the set a blast & have a fiddle in the studio. I also passed on a mix of Rehearsal Tape to Mark for approval - if OK, I'll mp3 it for download & get a load of CD's burnt for the gig.

We'll be booking a night at a rehearsal studio over the coming weeks, in order to check the songs out LOUD & make sure everything works. I'm looking forward to this as the music tends to get bigger at high volume!

The real burning thing for us now is to get a few tunes recorded properly & get an EP out. Our plan is to get the gig done & then concentrate on recording, inbetween Mark doing-up his new house of course ;) I'll start on artwork & so on while he's busy. The site might be a bit quiet whilst stuff is going on - don't be surprised..

+++ 27/07/2005 +++

Rehearsal Tape

OK, here's the artwork for 'Rehearsal Tape'. Click on the image if you need a copy to print out. The MP3's will be up soon, so you can burn your own CD. We'll have copies of the CD on the merchandise desk at the Tin Omen gig, free of charge. It's a decent run-through of a set, with OK sound, so we thought it would fill a need 'til we get some proper demos done.

Ran through the set again last night & got a couple of new ideas out of jamming. The set gets better every time, which is encouraging & new ideas are always good news. PRODUCT is still busy!

+++ 13/07/2005 +++

Tonight's run through the set turned out well, so we'll be transferring that to CD & giving it out free at the Tin Omen gig. I'll also make it available for download as mp3's from the STRAY Recordings site. I'll let you know when that's done.

+++ 08/06/2005 +++

Well, we have our first gig lined-up - thanks Kel! Tin Omen have kindly given us the opening slot for their album launch at The Little Civic, Wolverhampton. I'll put more details up on the GIGS page when I have them. It's gonna be a bit mental - Credit To The Nation now BACKUP are on after us!

As for recording, we had a bit of a technical hitch over the bank holiday, so we didn't get as much done as we'd like - the big problem being we can't record the main parts live in one take, which is a pre-requisite for us. Just need to get the studio sorted.. We'll probably finish off what we have & put it up here for download :)

+++ 26/05/2005 +++

OK, it looks like we'll be recording four tunes over Sunday/Monday to go on an EP. Hoorah!

+++ 12/05/2005 +++

Another excellent sesh tonight & plans are afoot to do some recording in a couple of weeks. Probably a four track EP. Also have mp3's from the last sesh, which I've just posted - have a LISTEN :)

+++ 11/05/2005 +++

Sesh on the 8th was excellent with better sound than ever, so we'll put the results of that up asap. Should get 'em done tonight ;)

+++ 28/04/2005 +++

Well, the main news is that this site is up! Tunes have been falling out our arses & there's been no way for anyone to hear them - now we're on-line, we can do all sorts of stuff. I should have some rough demo mp3's up as soon as we can record some. Check back 'cos I shall be doing lots of work on the site to get it up & running.

Music-wise, the Product tunes have really come together very quickly, greatly aided by Marks' extensive writing & programming! :) We have tunes now that are starting to 'lock-in' like the Compsey stuff, so we're really just enjoying playing them. This time 'round we want to concentrate on getting the material tight & then getting it recorded, instead of the neverending jams with no serious recording that was Compsey :)

We're going to be handling our own releases through our tiny mp3 label, STRAY Recordings. All our stuff will be available as mp3's & CDs from the STRAY site & hopefully on the shelves of a few shops!