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Alex Charles
Homeless Recordings

Thee Moths

Alex Charles 'Homeless Recordings'

01 4 violin strokes
02 Clapping Ritual
03 500 Dollar Limit Theme
04 rumbles
05 ignored in deptford live (bonus)

Cat: STRAY047
Duration: 29 min
Released: 2012

Alex Charles
Homeless Recordings

Alex brings together a collection of previously unreleased, 'homeless' tracks to form the 'Homeless Recordings' ep, his latest release on Stray. Very much an organic affair, the ep continues Alex's current interest in building soundfields from acoustic objects/recordings, using looping and overdubbing, etc. There are some big sounds made by little things here.

Includes a bonus live set from a recent London show. Get in.

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Thee Moths 'Soundcloudbusting'

01 That First Moment Was Over Too Quickly
02 Calico Shimmer
03 It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Sun
04 Future Librarian
05 Lunchtime Concerto
06 Saturated Tape
07 Clockwork Minute
08 Lost Transmission
09 Sub Bass Ghosts
10 It's Six O'Clock
11 Temple Spirits
12 Dublin
13 Busy Signals
14 Galactic Blooms
15 Breathe In, Breathe Out
16 Leaf Study
17 Humidity
18 Bells for Fukushima
19 Ticket Barrier
20 Grain Silo
21 Morse Melody
22 Early Greeting
23 Nubstep
24 Modern Fanfare
25 That Final Moment Lasted Forever

Cat: STRAY036
Duration: 26 mins
Released: 2011

Thee Moths

Alex is no stranger to us, being a member of Seņor Citizen and Visible Universe, this is his first release as Thee Moths with us.

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About Alex Charles/Thee Moths

Alex Charles is the performing name of multi-disciplinary artist Alex Botten.

Alex Charles

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