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Forward Thinking
Cause and Effect

Ars Sonor 'Cause and Effect'

01 Cause and Effect (Extended Mix)
02 Cause and Effect (The Perfect Brainstorm Mix)
03 Cause and Effect
     (Rebel Robots Mix by M.Nomized)
04 Cause and Effect (Optimistic Mix)

Cat: STRAY055
Duration: 17 min
Released: 2015

Ars Sonor
Cause and Effect

A first for SR, an Ars Sonor solo release! Hot on the heels of the dronescaped epics of Forward Thinking, Cause and Effect has the artist changing styles again, to bring us solid, danceable Electronica. IDM, if you must.

These consummate sonic landscapes move and expand, making space for at times mountainous beats. Atmospheres shift, showing dark, and also much light. Beautiful production throughout shows these epics off in the style they deserve. Loudness or headphones recommended.

Also included is a guest remix from the fantastic M.Nomized, a wonderfully Kraftwerkian reworking of the title track. Simply a must.

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Ars Sonor & Mutate 'Forward Thinking'

01 Forward Thinking
02 Lighthouse
03 Oceanic Tide (Revisited)
04 Time Will Tell

Cat: STRAY054
Duration: 24 min
Released: 2015

Ars Sonor & Mutate
Forward Thinking

This collection brings together the collaborative works of programmer/producer/wunderkind Ars Sonor and processed guitar soundscaper and experimenter, Mutate. Previously scattered over albums and compilations, we finally celebrate the fruits of this collaboration in a single, solid release.

The result is a journey between landscapes of ever malleable sound. Drifting from cavernous soundscapes to minimalist beats / atmospheres, at times the guitar 'scapes, synths and sounds all bleed into each other. Guitars snake through skittering beats, shimmering as they drift back and forth, in and out of focus. Headphones recommended.

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