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Bloodbath Picnic Heroine
The Sado-Ritual Syndrome

BPH 'The Sado-Ritual Syndrome'

01 Cunt/Whole/Truth
02 Tampax Gag
03 Vaginal Politics
04 All Known Germs
05 Documentary of Death
06 Gerald
07 A.B.P. (Animal ByProducts)
08 Penny
09 The Wizard's Apprentice
10 Digital Waif Server

Cat: STRAY030
Duration: 36 min
Released: 2009

Bloodbath Picnic Heroine
The Sado-Ritual Syndrome

Awesome Hardcore/Metal/Alternative outfit from the Black Country - we loved this band. So will you!

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About Bloodbath Picnic Heroine

Hardcore alt punk metal? Not really sure, but one thing we do know is that we fucking loved them.

Wretched-Z - bass guitar, vocals
Mo - 6-string guitar, vocals
Damien - drums

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