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Releases > Halon 1301

The Legacy Systems
Integration Program

01 The Quinton Expressway
02 Blackeyes
04 Lazy Country
05 No lights for miles
06 Meliane, Queen of the Elves

Cat: STRAY027
Duration: 27 min
Released: 2009

Halon 1301
The Legacy Systems Integration Program

We always loved this band - this is their one and only release. Lovingly remastered, this album sparkles from start to finish. One of our faves!


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About Halon 1301

This band remind us of noise, tight leather and Buddy Holly. It was as visual a thing as it was the sonics. They would take the music from shambling grooves to pin-point noise and back, with ease. Fantastic band.

Halon grew out of the ashes of Bloodbath Picnic Heroine and Colossus Institute; Wretched-Z moved to guitar, MK-1 on drums, and once they ensnared bassfox Humy for the all-important bottom end, Halon was born.

Wretched-Z - guitar, synth
Missy H - bass
MK-1 - drums

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