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Black Aspirin


The Mekano Set 'Black Aspirin'

01 Black Aspirin
02 Know Where (Know When Mix)
03 Follow Me Home
04 To The Lighthouse
05 Tide House (High Tide Mix)
06 Throwing Shapes (Marmalade Soup Mix)
07 Black Valium

Cat: STRAY051
Duration: 32 min
Released: 2014

The Mekano Set
Black Aspirin

Another Meks release, another audiophonic journey... The Mekano Set deliver us a new slab of post-punk-tinged-super-stylish-electronic-alt-rock, simply because.. it's in their DNA.

From biting commentary to ocean-size dronefests, this release hails further broadening of The Meks Sound - the massive beats, swirling noise guitars and beautiful production are there, as ever, but the lyrical content and atmosphere that some of these songs convey is heavier, and all the better for it. You are unwittingly being fed information whilst your body is busy involuntarily moving.

It seems effortless, the way the music is conveyed, but we all know it takes a lot of hard work, and the magic is in making everything come across so naturally. Consistent, consistent, consistent.


The Mekano Set 'Hahaharem'

01 Offender
02 Hahaharem
03 Reaching Out (Hahaharem Mix)
05 Facecrime
04 Glass Keys (Vendredi Noir Mix)
06 Tide House (High Tide Mix)

Cat: STRAY048
Duration: 28 min
Released: 2012

The Mekano Set

Beautifully crafted doesn't come close to describing the latest EP from The Mekano Set. But that's hardly out of the ordinary for the Meks. Abstract guitars and post-punk basslines swirl around massive, sound system crushing beats. Noise and foundsounds tickle the ears while the listener is brow-beaten with hook after hook. And it all sounds so beautiful too. Slick as fuck, with substance.

The Bandcamp release includes five bonus tracks. Splendid.


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About The Mekano Set

Milk & co, and their ongoing obsession with beats, bass and noise.

"They take an industrial rock sounding shoegaze for a ride through a world of phazing guitar and driving beats, Depeche Mode vocals and slick electronic walls of sound. Last time I saw them live they turned the smoke machine on full blast until you literally could not see your hand in front of your face and howled their guitars before stopping and leaving after one song! Brilliant!" / Fokka Wolf.

"Like some kind of beautiful crime." Niall O'Keeffe, NME

"Slick spiky electronic rock that screams darkness beneath a seemingly delicate exterior." Natasha Scharf, Metal Hammer.

"Machine rock music that blurs the line between dark-indie and industrial in exquisite fashion." Soundsphere Magazine.

"They blends elements of '80s electronica with echoing vocals and a carnal groove. I'm thinking bass from The Cure with Orange Juice vocals and New Order beats, but bring into that mix a trance-like early '90s Curve aura, and you have something really interesting going on. The undulating melodic motion of this music glides across the skin like velvet." My Aural Fixation.

Milk and The Collective

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