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Nation of Soul

Nation of Soul 'Untitled'

01 Track One
02 Track Two
03 Track Three
04 Track Four
05 Track Five
06 Track Six
07 Track Seven
08 Track Eight
09 Track Nine
10 Track Two (alt take)

Cat: STRAY043
Duration: 30 min
Released: 2012

Nation of Soul

A great forgotten album. Forgotten? Well.. little is known about the band; no one can remember - even the song titles are lost forever. Much substances? We saw them live once, at the Flapper and Firkin, Birmingham. It was a good night.

Forgetfulness aside, we felt it important that this album be heard, and so here it is, in all its' glory. Recorded in 2003, this is a great album, and the fact that MK-1 took some of the ideas here with him to PRODUCT is telling. Enjoy.

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About Nation of Soul

Nation of Soul was a MK-1 project that ran parallel to Compsey Tribunal during the early noughties. Stourbridge alt indie rock. Very little else is known or remembered and all that's left now is the recording. Even the song titles are forgotten.

MK-1 - guitar, vocals
Chris L - bass
Scott G - drums

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