I haven't really started work on this page yet, so I'll just include a few quotes from a mail that Gathering member Todd sent me:

"geordie was quoted somewhere - don't remember which article..that the guitar on much of the revelations record was a half step low (Eb - like other greats such as eddie van halen, hendrix, srv etc.) not because of them mind you, just more of an accident i gather."

"geordie related to the tuning "epiphany" something like this: "someone (connie?) told me the guitar was a half step low on revelations" - 'er something to that effect. and so he liked it and continued from then on but taking it a step further on fire dances. so i guess the impetus is the 1/2 step (Eb) on revelations, then something majical (or not) happened (in iceland maybe) and geordie took it a bit further to D standard to give us the most grandiose sound ever, first heard on fire dances."

Big Paul:

"this guitar radically changed what we did" - Geordie's '54 Gibson ES295

I'll add stuff as & when I find it - if you have anything Geordie-related, please mail me ( - I'm keen to see this site grow!