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Anthony - MySpace site of our main contributer - check for updated tabs

The Gathering - essential KJ mailing list

An Irrational Domain - the KJ resource - Jesters massive KJ resource, including Ravens on-line diary, The Yard

Wintergardens - another excellent KJ resource - Mr Wehrwolf's excellent English/French resource - Lennonka's excellent English/Czech resource

Cooking Vinyl Press Room - more Joke-related press, interviews, etc.

fUSION Anomaly - WIKI-like resource, including KJ

The Original! - Martin Dupras site has been dead since '97, but is still an excellent resource!

Live@FabChannel - free to view: Melkweg, Amsterdam 03.10.2005

Live@FabChannel - free to view: Paradiso, Amsterdam 16.04.2006