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Jasmina Olsson / Various Artists

Jasmina Olsson / Various Artists 'Jasmina's Song'

01 Jasmina's Song
02 Short Mix by Second Break
03 Bug Mix by H-LR
04 Avantgarde Mix by Mutate
05 Mona Lisa Overdrive Mix by Ars Sonor
06 Dronescape Mix by Andrew W Backhouse
07 Jazz All Mix by Elizabeth Veldon
08 Autumn Mix by mutanT.R.I.
09 Glitch Mix by Andrew W Backhouse
10 Dematerialization Mix by Ars Sonor

Cat: STRAY053
Duration: 64 min
Released: 2015

Jasmina Olsson / Various Artists
Jasmina's Song

Jasmina's Song brings together seven experimental artists to rework an improvised electric piano piece by Jasmina Olsson.

Each of the artists bring their own strengths to their re-workings, touching on an array of different styles and genres, from drone pieces to sound collage.

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