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SR is a DIY netlabel, bringing you MP3 releases and the occasional handmade physical release, for your tactile pleasure. Most of our catalogue is freely available as MP3, or you can buy high quality audio via BandCamp and physical versions from this site. Artists retain all copyrights and ownership of their material; we are civilised after all. This is no business - we are artists and musicians ourselves. We love music.

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Mutate 'Interstitial II'     November 2016

NEW RELEASE: Mutate 'Interstitial II'

Mutate brings us a new addition to his Interstitial series, this time documenting the rehearsal and performance of a soundscape set from 2013.

Slow moving drones ebb and flow in this unexpected melodic outing from the Birmingham based soundscaper.


Interstitial II is available from the Internet Archive and BandCamp, and will be available on Spotify, iTunes, et al in December.


Mutate 'Interstitial II'
Interstitial II

Jasmina Olsson / Various Artists 'Jasmina's Song'
Jasmina Olsson / Various Artists
Jasmina's Song

Andrew W Backhouse 'Nocturnal Horizon'
Andrew W Backhouse
Nocturnal Horizon

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