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Interstitial II
With Intent
The End of Bees


MUTATE 'Interstitial II'


Cat: STRAY056
Duration: x min
Released: 2016

Interstitial II

In this long-awaited return to SR, MUTATE documents the rehearsal and performance of a soundscape set from 2013.

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MUTATE 'With Intent'

01 Entrance
02 Subsonic Temple
03 Trapped
04 Trampled
05 They shone a light we couldn't see
06 Vangelish

Cat: STRAY031
Duration: 26 min
Released: 2010

With Intent

Third SR release from MUTATE, this EP drifts from feedback-laden dub to sublime soundscapes, via noise experiments and dark collage. Handmade physical release available.

MUTATE 'With Intent'   MUTATE 'With Intent'   MUTATE 'With Intent'  

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MUTATE 'The End of Bees'

01 Part One
02 Part Two
03 Part Three
04 Part Four

Cat: STRAY029
Duration: 36 min
Released: 2009

The End of Bees

Second release from MUTATE. This is a one-take improvised guitar drone, which shifts around so as to be constantly developing, whilst always maintaining its 'form'. Roiling and intense, it begs to be played very loudly. Close your eyes and this thing steals time. Handmade physical release available.

MUTATE 'The End of Bees'   MUTATE 'The End of Bees'   MUTATE 'The End of Bees'  

Listen / Download / Bandcamp, or buy the CDR using the PayPal link below:

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MUTATE 'Homunculus'

01 Sun Streams Through
02 Giblet
03 Sub-Concious
04 B-Stream

Cat: STRAY026
Duration: 16 min
Released: 2008


Debut release from Ade Bordicott's solo project, MUTATE. This EP drifts from sunny electronica to claustrophobic noise pieces, gradually piling on the intensity and paranoia. Handmade physical release available.

MUTATE 'Homunculus'   MUTATE 'Homunculus'   MUTATE 'Homunculus'  

Listen / Download / Bandcamp, or buy the CDR using the PayPal link below:

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The solo sound project of Ade Bordicott, MUTATE was born out of the need to not only have a voice, but for that voice to be mutable, in order to express multiple threads of interest and investigation. Being tied to a specific genre is unacceptable. Being constrained by previous work is unacceptable. Hence:

'MUTATE is improvised, experimental soundscapes, dark ambient, intense in nature, mixing live processed-guitar drones and textures with off-kilter beats, shortwave radio and random foundsounds.

Other times, MUTATE is completely something else.

MUTATE has collaborated with numerous fringe artists, including Milk (The Mekano Set), Laetitia Schteinberg (Ars Sonor), Hyaena Fierling, D.N.P, Crystal Set, ten:ten, Cities Prepare For Attack!, Alex Charles/Thee Moths, Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer, and Hsin Yi Chang (Glass Diamond).'

Bordicott's need to work in various fields is such that he has been involved in numerous projects, many of which are released on SR. See the 'Related Items' section above to explore his work further.

Ade Bordicott

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