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Stray Dog City 'Spitemask'

01 Walk Through Me
02 Routser
03 Ream Flash Pull

Cat: STRAY040
Duration: 11 min
Released: 2011

Stray Dog City

SpiteMask is the third EP from Stray Dog City since operations restarted. Once again, they fuse their ongoing obsessions with weighty bass end, minimalism, skewed song structures and noise.

Ever wondered what a song sounds like from 'the other side'? A song 'seen from behind'. When you buy the full EP you get a recording of 'the other side' of Routser free.


Stray Dog City 'Dabeno'

01 What You Up To?
02 New Work
03 Working on a New Story

Cat: STRAY038
Duration: 14 min
Released: 2011

Stray Dog City

Second release on SR from Stray Dog City, this EP again showcases their penchant for dark, bass-driven soundscaping.

Always celebrating the atonal, they bring their melodies to the fore, only to let that aesthetic fall apart, to expose the minimal, dub underbelly.

Excruciatingly catchy, we defy you to not nod along.


Stray Dog City 'Ziff'

01 The Waterworks
02 Allitis
03 Sofall

Cat: STRAY037
Duration: 20 min
Released: 2011

Stray Dog City

First release on SR from post-punk dubsters Stray Dog City and their first release since 1997.

Back with with their trademark dark atmospherics and off-kilter beats, SDC pick up where they left off, melding aching melody and heavy manners with ease. Driving bass pushes against the beat, while washes of guitar noise build panoramic soundscapes, folding in on themselves, constantly shifting the perspective.

Dark dubs for dark times.


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About Stray Dog City

Formed in 1996 after Ade Bordicott answered an advert in Future Music. Milk was looking for someone to work with who was inspired by the likes of PiL, Autechre and the Cocteau Twins. Stray Dog City immediately became a hotbed of creativity, based on loosely structured improvisation, a love of sound, pushing conventional instrumentation, and using the studio as an instrument. Tying it all together was the unspoken 'rule' that being able to play the material live was crucial. SDC wasn't actually restricted by rules, but used various basic approaches instead.

Going into hiatus by 1998, Stray Dog City has since become the sort of project that is re-ignited when the members feel the moment is right.

Ade Bordicott - bass, devices
Milk - voice, noises

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