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The Compsey Tribunal
Music Group
Drill and Preparation

Would you like to sleep
with me?

Compsey Tribunal 'The Compsey Tribunal Music Group'

01 Shopping on Saturday
03 Midnight Escape from Piz Gloria
04 Kraftcheese
05 Reggae #2

Cat: STRAY039
Duration: 24 min
Released: 2011

Compsey Tribunal
The Compsey Tribunal Music Group

Finally, Compsey Tribunal's debut album is remastered and available for your listening pleasure.

Recorded back in 2002, this statement of intent showcases the band's ability to shift through genres, from alternative rock to bass-led grooves; from mutated reggae to achingly melodic atmospherics.

Employing Motown-like production values, Compsey had a distinctive, almost lo-fi sound, without ever resorting to primitivism.

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01 Everyone Gets Everything They Want
02 We Possess Carrie Power
03 Would you like to sleep with me?
04 Talulah Gristle No New Taxes

Cat: STRAY034
Duration: 40 min
Released: 2011

Compsey Tribunal
Drill and Preparation

Taken from a very early CT session, 'Drill and Preparation' includes material never before heard outside of our archive. An early version of 'Would you like to sleep with me' is here, along with unique improvisations such as 'Tallulah Gristle No New Taxes'. The raw, early CT sound.

Compsey Tribunal 'Drill and Preparation'   Compsey Tribunal 'Drill and Preparation'   Compsey Tribunal 'Drill and Preparation'   Compsey Tribunal 'Drill and Preparation'

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01 Would you like to sleep with me?
02 The Glue
03 Impressing Jodie Foster

Cat: STRAY023
Duration: 15 min
Released: 2001

Compsey Tribunal
Would you like to sleep with me?

Compsey's first single, originally released as TAR023 in 2001. TAR eventually became SR. Apart from being Compsey's debut release, the single is also notable for the inclusion of Compsey's sole track with vocals, 'Impressing Jodie Foster'.


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About Compsey Tribual

Formed in 2000 from the ashes of several local bands, Compsey was initially sparked in a venting of frustration - the members were not in bands at the time, which was found to be tiresome. A jam was organised. The three clicked and much music was made.

Material ranged from almost ambient to dubby to searing alt rock.

Ade Bordicott
Wretched-Z - keys, slide guitar, beats
Ade Bordicott - bass, occasional guitar
MK-1 - guitar, occasional bass, vocals

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