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Rehearsal Tape

PRODUCT 'Rehearsal Tape'

01 Halon
02 Only
03 Part of you
04 Locked On
05 Are we into this now?

Cat: STRAY024
Duration: 23 min
Released: 2006

Rehearsal Tape

PRODUCT forgot to give this out at gigs, or leave it in Charity shops. Lifted from a rehearsal tape, it was deemed good enough to get the tunes heard, before a 'proper' recording was produced. As it happens, that recording didn't materialise, so this is it. They infiltrated Public Toilets and Public Libraries with it, spreading it like a rash.

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Originally formed in the wake of Compsey Tribunal, the initial aim was to fuse droning rock with electro (think XTRMNTR), they eventually began to work with stricter, programmed backdrops in place of loops.

MK-1 - guitar, vocals
Ade Bordicott - guitar, bass

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